VELUX Skylights

VELUX Skylights – 5 Star energy rated for summer performance

Based in Alstonville NSW, The Woolmen have skylight solutions for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial requirements. We offer skylights to suit flat roofs and fixed windows. Skylight variations include manual opening and solar powered.

Throughout the construction industry, VELUX is a by-word for quality, a reputation that has been painstakingly built up for more than 35 years in Australia and for over 75 years around the world.

Perfectly designed to withstand the world’s harshest climatic conditions, all VELUX products are of the highest quality and will perform superbly for a lifetime of faultless service.

VELUX skylights are made for Australian conditions. They are heat and UV tested, and have even passed a hail test that no other glass skylight has passed!

The 2004 High Performance double glazing keeps out 75% of the heat and 99% UV rays. This allows you to let light in without the heat and UV rays that can fade or damage furniture.

Pitched Roof Skylights

  • VSS Solar Powered (Openable)
  • VS Manually Operated (Openable)
  • FS Fixed (Non-Opening)

Flat Roof Skylights

  • VCS Solar Powered (Openable)
  • VCM Manually Operated (Openable)
  • FCM Fixed (Non-Opening)

Sun Tunnels and Roof Windows

  • TWF (Flexible)
  • TWR (Rigid)
  • GGL (Roof Window)
  • GPL (Roof Window)

If you’re in the Northern Rivers or Lismore region, Contact Us for any enquiry about how we can assist you with Skylights, Ventilation Solutions, and Insulation Solutions. VELUX skylights can be partly or fully installed by our team.

Skylights – Pitched Roof

Solar Skylight (VSS)

Electric Skylight (VSE)

Manual Skylight (VS)

Fixed Skylight (FS)

Skylights – Flat Roof

Solar Skylight (VCS)

Manual Skylight (VCM)

Fixed Skylight (FCM)