VELUX Skylights :

Roof Windows

Made for Australian Conditions

VELUX has passed every Australian test...even a hail test, which no other glass skylight has passed

Velux skylights can be partly or fully custom installed by The Woolmen

Note information on this page has been taken from the Velux website


VELUX Solar Powered Skylight (VSS)

VELUX Solar Powered Skylight (VSS)

VELUX Solar Powered Skylight (VSS)

New April 2016


Touch Screen remote

Rain Sensor

Remote timer Function

Made for Australia

Double Glazing options

Blinds optional to control amount of light being let in

Data Sheet -pdf


VELUX Electric Skylight

VELUX Electric Skylight- another Standardf Skylight from Regener Sktlights insralled and maintained by the Woolmen

Electric Skylight


Built in rain sensors

Pre-installed electric motor

Remote control

Choice of 9 sizes

Insect screen fitted as Standard

Data Sheet - pdf


VELUX Manual Skylight

VELUX Manual Skylight (VS) Skylight used and recommended by The Woolmen - another standard skylight from Regent Skylight Systems



Pre-installed insect screen

9 sizes

Aprpox 60% Heat block

Data Sheet - pdf


VELUX Fixed Skylight (FS)

VELUX Fixed Skylight

VELUX Fixed Skylight

An economical alternative for creating a spacious home that is filled with abundant daylight.

Non openable

In 9 sizes

Approx 80% Heat Block


Data Sheet - pdf



VELUX Flat Roof Skylight (FCM)

VELUX Flat Roof Skylight (FCM) - Fixed

VELUX Flat Roof Skylight (FCM) - Fixed

The brilliantly simple FCM flat roof skylight incorporates the VELUX High performance laminated glazing unit and an all metal exterior frame.The  smooth exterior gives not only a lower profile on the roof, but also provides a “cool” daylighting solution by effectively blocking heat build up and UV rays.

Data Sheet - pdf


Call The Woolmen in the Northern Rivers Area

for great advice, sales, installation and maintenance

of the VELUX natural daylight skylights

Visit Velux Systems website
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