Polyester Thermal Insulation


Why you should make Polyester Insulation from The Woolmen your no.1 choice in healthy insulation...

QLD Textiles 100% Polyester Batts are made from user-friendly non-irritant polyester which is dust free and will not cause any skin or other irritations.

Unlike some other forms of insulation, QLD Textiles 100% Polyester Batts

  • will not deteriorate over time

  • are unaffected by mould, mildew and rot

  • are resistant to vermin and insect attack

  • are fully recyclable.

Did you know that Polyester  fibres such as is used in  thermal batts can be made of recycled PET bottles?

Did you know... it is a good choice for less used areas - no extra dust or loose fibres? That it doesn't cause any irritation during installation?

Were you aware that insulation

  •     saves you money and conserves your energy use?
  •     helps maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house ?   
  •     keeps walls and floors warm in winter and cool in summer?

Polyester Insulation is clean, non-allergenic and safe

Information adapted  from Queensland textiles website

Read the Material Safety data sheet from QLD Textiles

Material Safety Data Sheet
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