Residential Skylights and Roof Ventilation

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Tube Skylights from Solatube

  • brighten dark rooms

  • use award winning technology

  • enjoy a leakproof design

  • can be installed in approximately 2 hours by a qualified Solatube installer such as the Woolmen

With Solatube Daylighting systems  any dark room can be brightened even if it is a lower storey, and they can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, normally darker areas such as halls and stairways - even cupboard lighting - so many ways you can benefit. Decorative glass fixtures and diffusers add more to the ambience and elegance of the natural lighting.


Talk to The Woolmen about your options

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The following images are examples provided by Solatube. Please visit the site to see the full range of tube skylights available to you for supply, installation,servicing and repair by the accredited staff at The Woolmen. A pdf of the product is attached below the images

Solatube Natural Lighting Brochure
Solatube website
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