Thermal, Acoustic & Cellular Insulation

The Woolmen supply and install insulation in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales.

  • For Thermal insulation The Woolmen recommend  polyester thermal batts which are applied to
    • internal walls
    • external walls
    • between floors and
    • ceilings
  • For Acoustic and Sound insulation, polyester acoustic batts are used
    • internal walls
    • external walls
    • between floors and
    • ceilings

  • Cellular Insulation is used for Thermal Acoustic Anti-condensation and is used
    • under Roof
    • under floor
    • for garage doors
Polyester Insulation is 100% Safe for your family


Polyester insulation is the safe alternative!


  • For residential homes
  • Fire Safe
  • Vermin resistant
  • Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential buildings
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Addresses 93% of heat entering buildings
  • Reduces upfront costs by saving on installation and material costs






The Woolmen, 46 Northcott Crescent, Alstonville New South Wales 2477

Telephone: 02 6628 1178 Fax: 02 6628 7047



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